“Taking India to the World – A global Social Communication and Information Technology space”

When the regime of Social Media, Communication Technologies and Market Research completely transformed the way we used to interact in the World; we Indians, always lagged behind the race when the question arose to have break-through in technology. We have a handful of patents filed; while Americans and British are excelling the sky.

We, at PhoniCloud Softech, have developed a bunch of innovative technologies for Cloud based Telephony Services powered by Analytics, which empowers you to connect with billion+ common Indian men & women (who speak approx 1685+ different languages) in their local languages. And, we feel great sense of pride in saying that some of the products have been developed very first time in the world by us, the proud Indians…

PhoniCloud Softech Pvt. Ltd. was previously known as PhoniCloud Softech PLC.

PhoniCloud leads the industry as a dedicated provider of voice oriented products and solutions, helping clients globally to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their communication processes. PhoniCloud processed voice based solutions increase efficiencies at multiple levels.

We Work For You

We are accessible to you. We take time to clearly understand your needs and concerns. We provide you with access to solution managers. We monitor the product usage then make strategic adjustments when necessary. You tell us what your goal is. Our job is to help you get there safely, within your comfort level.


Our Strategies

Our clients consider us a strategic partner and the enduring relationships we have developed are best evidenced by a high percentage of repeat business and the number of referrals, we receive from our clients.


Clients Choose Us

From the moment a client approaches us, a dedicated team gets to work. We have a non-hierarchical structure, supported by strong leadership, so we work together at all levels. Our clients know exactly who is doing the work and are involved throughout the process. Continuity and Communication are vital, so we make the best people available for each client’s needs.

Business Ideas

PhoniCloud Softech provides leading-edge voice based solutions, catering to the needs of multiple industry domains ranging from BFSI, Education, Market Research, Recruitment, Entertainment and Spiritual industries to name a few. We work with high aspirations to achieve measurable and substantial benefits for our clients.


Best of Breed Solutions

In order to ensure a successful rollout, alliances have been forged with the best technology vendors. Latest technologies have been adopted for implementation of the all fiber backbone. PhoniCloud Softech is thus uniquely placed in the marketplace to provide Next Generation and Future-Proof Service Delivery.